Please check our our frequently asked questions below. If you have any other questions please make sure to contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

  • You may use our online portal to register for camp. 
  • Sign in using a previously established username and password or sign up if it is your first time registering.
  • Register early as accommodations are limited.
  • You will receive written confirmation of space allocation.

Campers often request to attend camps other than the age allotment ie. "I'm 14 but will be 15 in September, may I attend Senior Teens?"

To best serve the interests of campers and registration, if the camper turns the appropriate age within the calendar year this would be acceptable.

The camper CAN NOT be OLDER than the camp they are attending.

If you are looking for a tax receipt, you can get it by logging in to our online portal to access the registration system!

What should I bring to camp?

  • Bible/Notebook/Pen
  • Swimming Suit
  • Towels
  • Wash Cloth
  • Sleeping bag and Pillow with a warm blanket
  • Soap, Shampoo
  • Pajamas
  • Sunscreen/Bug Spray
  • Changes of clothes (enough for the week)
  • Clothes for warm days, cold days, wet days, dirty days.
  • Sneakers/sandals/rubber boots
  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • Ball cap/Sun hat
  • Flashlight

**Please Note: Label all your belongings to avoid loss.

  • Cell Phones, iPods, Handheld Games, etc.
  • Matches, lighters, aerosol spray
  • Money
  • See Dress Code

  • All week-long camp periods end Friday afternoons at 3 pm.
  • Campers are not permitted to leave the grounds without permission of camp director.
  • Alcoholic beverages, drugs, radios, CD/tape or mp3 players are not allowed on the grounds.
  • Smoking or Vaping is not permitted by campers or staff.
  • No perfume/deodorant aerosol cans allowed.

The following guidelines are provided in order to ensure that clothing worn by both campers and staff will contribute to the atmosphere of camp in a positive way. These clothing rules are for practicality, functionality and modesty. We ask that all campers and staff follow these guidelines. 

  1. No bikinis for girls and no speedos or spandex for boys. Appropriate swimwear would include one piece bathing suits or tankinis for the girls and loose fitting swim shorts for the boys
  2. No undergarments should be visible
  3. No short shorts
  4. No tops that are low-cut, cropped or strapless
  5. No items of clothing which are profane or promote the use of alcohol or drugs

Campers should be especially mindful of short length when climbing the rock wall. Harnesses can cause certain shorts to ride up and become quite short. Longer sport shorts are recommended for this activity.

What do campers eat?

We have the best camp food around!

If you have dietary restrictions or allergies, you can request a menu at registrations@emmanuelbiblecamp.com

Each camper is responsible for bringing their own substitutions if they are unable to eat something on the menu. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Full payment is due up front. If you cancel up to two weeks before, you will get a 50% refund. This means Kids camps receive a refund of $97.50. 
Cancellation within two weeks of the registered camp will not be refunded.
The Family camp refund amount depends on what you originally paid. There is no refund within 2 weeks of your registered camp.